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If your surroundings can have an impact on you, why not surround yourself with things that provide motivation and positivity?

In 2019, my goal as an artist is to fill spaces with positive energy and optimism through my passion project, “Walls that Matter.”


Through "Walls that Matter" I hope to give individuals a chance to be present and remove themselves from life’s chaos, even if just for a moment, and focus in on things that matter—highlighting community history, life’s positivity, awareness, and optimism. Your environment can have an impact on the way you digest a situation, feeling, or moment. 


The “Walls that Matter” project will combine illustration and lettering with positive words—think of it as a word cloud filled with different typographies, phrases, and illustrations all coming together to convey an overarching message. Whether it’s a town that wants to highlight history and community, a workout studio that wants to motivate you to push just a little further, or an overlooked and often-passed blank office building wall that can be used to highlight the good in what the company does, with “Walls that Matter,” I’m looking to bring happiness and moments that matter to life.